To our Visitors, seekers and new-comers:


St. Andrew's is a Christian Church following a line of unbroken Apostolic-succession back to the days of Jesus' ministry in the 1st Century AD. 

  • We are an Anglican Church with roots in the missionary work of the Orthodox Church, planted in what is now England (Angel-lands = Anglican) in the first 3 centuries.

  • We are a liturgical people; meaning, we use a form of worship and rites reaching back to the earliest days of the Christian Church. You will hear beautiful music & chanted prayers, see candle-light, enjoy the holy smells of incense representing our prayers, “as a sweet aroma” rising to our Father in Heaven.

  • Traditional Anglicans are often labeled as "Anglo-Catholic" Christians. This simply means we hold to the oldest teachings and traditions of the Church.  We affirm our faith, joining our voices with Christian sisters and brothers throughout history and around the World worshiping in much the same way early Christians did. We are part of the world-wide catholic (universal) Church. We hold true to biblical and historical doctrines regarding issues such as "The Eucharist", "Baptismal Regeneration", "Salvation as a free gift from God", etc…


We hope you find in the way we celebrate our worship of God, we are a people decidedly focused on God’s amazing love to everyone.


What to expect when you visit St. Andrew's:

When you visit us, you won't be expected to kneel, stand, pray out-loud, or come forward for communion. It is our honor you are with us. We want you to feel comfortable, as you hear God’s Word and you experience His loving presence among us, His people. You are invited to sign our visitor card, so we can send you more information about St. Andrew’s. We hope you come away with an understanding that we are here for you and if there is anything we can do to be of assistance; we hope you will not hesitate to ask.


“The Eucharist” or Holy Communion:  This is a sacred, holy and grace-filled meal where Jesus truly visits His people in the consecrated bread and wine. If you are a baptized Christian (Baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and you understand that we believe Christ is truly present in the Bread and Wine) you are welcome to come forward and receive of Holy Communion. You are also welcome to come forward for a blessing, as others come for Communion. 

You are dearly loved by God and we pray you feel His love among us.

Outreach Focus: We are a people focused on helping those in need. Our outreach focus is on ministry on the margins. What this means for our church is that EVERYONE is welcome and respected here. You do not have to believe like us, or worship like us to be welcome among us. We hope to be Christ’s hands and feet to those around us reaching out in HIS love and grace.

We also ask for your help: If you have any concerns or you find a part of our worship something you do not understand, please let us know. It blesses God when our times of worship, our masses and our fellowship are comfortable and loving, but also that the guests and visitors ALWAYS feel welcome and respected. Please let us know how we can better serve and support you in your walk with God.

If you have questions / comments / thoughts or you would like to speak with our Vicar; Fr. Dan is available to meet with you any time.  Fr. Dan’s cell number is (615) 715-4963.

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Come grow with us...

We currently meet at 3501 Central Avenue in Nashville's historic West End.  Our Sunday service is currently at 8:30am - A full "High Mass" with beautiful music and incense.

AND, God is doing great things at St. Andrew's.....

In the next few weeks (by June 30, 2022), we are moving into a beautiful and historic old chapel at the corner of 46th and Park Avenue, just 1 1/2 miles from our current location.  (4513 Park Ave.)  Our Sunday service will be at 2pm, with Evening Prayer on Wednesday evening at 6pm and Bible Study & Fellowship on Thursday evening with dinner starting at 6:30pm.


At St. Andrew's ALL are welcome & All means ALL! 


Fr. Dan can be reached 24-hours a day: 

(615) 715-4963


Confession by appointment - Call any time!